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New ADTMC related Info. ADTMC updated in 2019

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Ensuring your physical is good to go for Ranger School.

Preparing Medics for Prolonged Field Care. Expanding knowledge sets beyond just trauma. A blog created to help medics in the next “Near Peer” fight.

Focus of Site

Medics are taught trauma skills, and rightly so. But they need to be aware of how to be “doc” out in the field for more than just trauma situations. As a military medical provider, I intend to share short classes that I teach to my own medics. This site will focus on expanding all aspects of medical skills relevant to medics, and help them with the next “Near Peer” fight.

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About the Author

An Army National Guard Physician Assistant (Aeromedical PA) with experience in civilian Orthopedic Trauma, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, and Urgent Care. Several tours of duty in military medicine; one deployment to Afghanistan.

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All content is intended to be educational only. Medics should operate under the supervision of a medical provider and abide by all local laws while stateside. Medics should only practice at the level credentialed and only at the level allowed. This content is not intended to treat or give a substitution for any credentialed provider. Content is intended to aid in a deployed prolonged care setting.

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