Algorithm Directed Troop Medical Care

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Algorithm Directed Troop Medical Care (ADTMC) is the standard for permitting Medics to conduct sick call operations. This updated pamphlet is the most recent update and supersedes the last revision in 2006. The pamphlet contains a change to triage categories, the creation of the role of “Advanced Enlisted Medic,” and it qualifies the process by which each medic becomes validated to conduct sick call.

Providers and Senior Medics should reference Appendix G for an outline and process by which an “Advanced Enlisted Medic,” as well as other medics, becomes validated to conduct sick call with ADTMC.

This page will attempt to be a supplement and an aid to individual unit training programs who plan to utilize ADTMC.

Download the new ADTMC Below:
ADTMC Skills Validation
ADTMC Clinical Knowledge Validation

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