ADTMC Skills Validation Part 4

Algorithm Directed Troop Medical Care (ADTMC) has been updated as of 2019, and there’s a lot of improvements. The ADTMC has been the traditional manual for allowing 68W medics to run sick call under the “supervision” of a provider for a long time. However, the line units have been the only ones still doing this…and not consistently.

This post is not in reference to NMERT certification. ADTMC is a protocol for sick-call within units. Providers must validate that their medics have the proper skillset and knowledge base prior to permitting Medics to conduct sick call semi-independently.

We need to get back to it. We need to get back to teaching medics. We need to get back to allowing medics to do more. We have to. In a “Near Peer” fight we will be relying on them much more than the last 15 years. And global pandemics like the COVID-19 issue also shows us that we need to be able to have a ready force of 68Ws.

The new ADTMC allows Medics to perform at a higher level, but only after validation. This post is the skills portion of the ADTMC validation. Providers and senior medics should use these videos to enhance their training and save time.

See One, Do One, Teach One

This post is about a lot of blood and a lot of pus. Be prepared. But, these are skills that Medics can do with a little supervision. These are skills we expect them to be able to do.

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