Day 1 Boot Camp

Homework Prior to Day 1:

  1. Taking a good history:
    1. EMS based website that gives general understanding of obtaining a good history
  2. TCCC Videos (review where weak):
    1. Deployed Medicine Site with TCCC Skills videos
  3. Starting IVs:
    1. Video 1:
    2. Video 2:
    3. Video 3:
  4. Five Things Medics Wish Every Soldier Knew
    1. 5 minute video – useful for review
  5. Pelvic Binder Use:
    1. Video 1:
  6. Conduct your own search on YouTube about packing an aid bag for tips/strategies


  1. 0900: SOAP Notes/ SAMPLE/OPQRST Class
    1. Self Study Page
  2. 0930: SAMPLE/OPQRST Practical Examples with Sr. Leader Using a Whiteboard
  3. 10:00 TCCC
    1. PowerPoint Link:
  4. 11:00: Initiate/Practice IVs on each other
  5. 12:00 Lunch
  6. 13:30 9 Line Class (self taught by a Medic)
    1. 9 Line Medevac and MIST report card pdf
    2. 9 Line Medevac Training Video
  7. 14:00 Aid Station Operations
    1. 68W School House PPT
  8. 15:00 Trauma Lane 1
    1. Set up a Trauma Skills lane using one mannequin
  9. 16:00 “How to Pack an Aid Bag”
    1. Internally Taught By Senior Medic

Homework Prep for Next Day

This is a busy homework night! Prepare ahead of time or plan accordingly that it will take some time to work through.

  1. Ankle Exam and Injuries
    1. Video 1:
    2. Video 2:
  2. Knee Exam and Injuries
    1. Video 1:
  3. Musculoskeletal Injuries (browse around as time and interest allows)
    1. Video 1:
  4. Low Back Pain Red Flags
    1. Video 1:
  5. Intramuscular Injections
    1. Video 1:
    2. Video 2:
    3. Video 3:
  6. Physical Exam Skills
    1. Video 1:
    2. Video 2:
    3. Video 3:
  7. Pharmacology basics:
    1. Read this and familiarize. The first half covers some basics.

All content is intended to be educational only. Medics should operate under the supervision of a medical provider and abide by all local laws while stateside. Medics should only practice at the level credentialed, and only at the level allowed. This content is not intended to treat or give a substitution for any credentialed provider. Content is intended to aid in a deployed prolonged care setting. Take guidance from your leaders. Utilize these posts as preparation and as a supplement to your provider’s direction and teaching.

This content is the author’s opinion alone and does not necessarily reflect the opinion, official position, or stance of the Department of Defense, or any other branch of the United States Military.

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