Day 2 of 68W Boot Camp

  1. 0900: MSK Injuries- Ankles/Knees
    1. Ankle and Foot Presentation
    2. Dr. Anne Resty, DPT Lower Extremity Video
  2. 10:00 MSK Injuries- Back Pain
    1. (In progress)
  3. 10:30 MSK Injuries Practical
    1. Demonstrate physical exam skills using each other as patients
  4. 11:00 Initiate IVs in the Dark
    1. NCO led skill test
  5. 12:00 Lunch
  6. 13:30 IM Injection
    1. Videos should have been watched previously
    2. Show supplies and setup for administering an IM injection (proper needle size and length, syringe, how to draw up medicine properly, etc)
  7. 14:00 CCP – Didactic Lesson taught by Medics
    1. Medic driven. Consider use of both teaching material and outside practical demo
    2. PowerPoint for CCP
  8. 15:00 Physical Exam Skills
    1. Provider and/or Senior Medic led demonstration of physical exam skills; practice exams on each other
  9. 15:45 MACE Exam and TBI
    1. MACE 2 EXAM
    2. MACE 2 Exam Training Guide
    3. MACE 2 Exam Tutorial (if additional info needed)
  10. 16:15 Intro to Pharm (1 of 2 alloted times due to length of topic)
    1. Pharmacology PowerPoint
    2. Alternative Pharmacology Lecture
  11. 16:30 Treat Casualty after Physical Exertion
    1. Consider a physical exertion event or combination of events prior to evaluating and treating a casualty/mannequin

Homework for Next Day Prep

  1. Environmental Injuries
    1. Cold Weather Injuries
      1. Hypothermia Post 1
    2. Heat Injuries
      1. Heat Injury Video from 4th Ranger Training Battalion (embedded below) linked here
      2. Hyperthermia Post 1
      3. Hyperthermia Post 2
      4. Hyperthermia Post 3
  1. Airway
    1. Video 1
    2. Video 2
    3. Video 3
  2. Radio Operations
    1. ASIP radio assembly and setup
    1. ASIP radio setup 2
  3. Review Previous Information Taught for Written and Practical Tests

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