68W Sustainment

You will find a compilation of training videos, presentations, articles, and other training aids to assist in your 68W Combat Medic Sustainment program. The DOD does not currently allow for publishing of the TC 8-800 on this website. However, your medics can utilize these links in order to save time as well as refresh on topics in which they need the most assistance

Tables from TC 8-800

Table 1
Trauma Assessment and Treatment Skills

Table 2
Airway Assessment and Management Skills

Table 3
IV Access and Medication Administration Skills

Table 4
Medical Assessment and Treatment Skills

Table 6 (New)
Force Health Protection

Table 5
Triage and Evacuation Skills

Table 7
OBGYN and Peds – Coming Soon

Table 6 (Old)
CPR Management Skills

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Additional Suggested Topics for Sustainment

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