Airway Management

Table 2 of 68W Sustainment

This information is meant to add value to your 68W sustainment program. This information can be used by senior medics and providers to teach medics. The latest version of the TC 8-800 restricts publishing the info. However, this information does meet the intent and covers a lot of the info required. Be sure to also check out the supraglottic vs. endotracheal intubation (a study) podcast at the bottom of the page!

Respiratory Class

Taught by SSG Dukes, Army Flight Paramedic

An advanced class on the physiology of respiration as well as airway management.


Respiration Refresher Video


The Latest version does not permit the disclosure of Table 8 information and critical tasks. I suggest that the senior medic conducting training consult TC 8-800 for the skills. However, the below videos will introduce nearly all topics required.

Videos to Assist with Training

TCCC Airway Algorithm


Extra Credit for Next Level Medics

This podcast below is excellent as it describes that most medics, and even providers, should probably be performing I-Gel or King LT supraglottic airways instead of attempting intubation in the pre-hospital setting. It compares the airway methods with regard to outcomes and complications. Worth your time!

REBEL EM PODCAST on Supraglottic Airways vs. Intubation

The podcast below is from the Deployed Medicine Website Discussing Clinical Practice Guidelines

From Deployed Medicine; discussing the changes found within the current Airway Management Clinical Practice Guideline 



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