68W Boot Camp

This purpose of this post is to provide a template for senior medics and/or senior leaders to use for their 68W internal training. This is designed to be a three day “boot camp” for 68Ws to hit some of the high points from a PA’s perspective. The end state is that Medics receive a balanced and centered refresher course in order to better serve in a Role 1 BN Aid Station. It is not exhaustive nor comprehensive.

DAY 1 (Click Here)

9:30 SAMPLE/OPQRST – Taking a Good History (Practical)
10:00 TCCC
11:00 Initiate/Practice IVs on each other
12:00 Lunch
13:30 9 Line Class (Assigned and Self taught by Medics)
14:00 Aid Station Operations
15:00 Trauma Lane 1
16:00 AWT- How to Properly Pack an Aid Bag
HOMEWORK: Assign Videos for Next Day

DAY 2 (Click Here)
9:00 MSK Injuries – Knees/Ankles
10:00 MSK Injuries – Back Pain
10:30 MSK Injuries- Practical
11:00 Initiate IV in the Dark IV
12:00 Lunch
13:30 IM injection
14:00 CCP -Didactic Assigned and Self Taught by Medics
15:00 Physical Exam Skills
16:00 Intro to Pharm
16:30 Treat Casualty after Physical Exertion
HOMEWORK: Watch Videos for Next Day

Day 3 (Click Here)

0900: Environmental Injuries (Hot/Cold Weather Injuries)
10:00 AIRWAY (Supraglottic airways)
11:00 Pharmacology 2
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Radio Operations Class
15:00 Written Test
16:00 Culminating Trauma Lane
17:00 Complete (AAR)

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This content is the author’s opinion alone and does not necessarily reflect the opinion, official position, or stance of the Department of Defense, or any other branch of the United States Military.

All content is intended to be educational only. Medics should operate under the supervision of a medical provider and abide by all local laws while stateside. Medics should only practice at the level credentialed, and only at the level allowed. This content is not intended to treat or give a substitution for any credentialed provider. Content is intended to aid in a deployed prolonged care setting. Take guidance from your leaders. Utilize these posts as preparation and as a supplement to your provider’s direction and teaching.

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An Army PA seeking to share knowledge and skills to medics in order to better prepare them for the next fight, and to bridge the gap between future expectations and initial entry training. These posts are samples of similar training I share with my own medics, and are made available here to a wider audience. I am no expert. There are others more qualified, I'm sure. I am simply looking to contribute. Feel free to provide feedback and leave comments to help others.

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