Lower Extremity Evaluation

This post will include a PowerPoint lecture on “Lower Extremity Evaluation” taught by Dr. Anne Resty, DPT. She is a Physical Therapist that I have worked with and I highly respect. I greatly appreciate her assistance here. I recommend you also the watch videos further down on how to perform these special tests that she covers in her presentation (videos have already been posted to the blog covering knee exams-click here to go to this post). Additionally, the “When to get an Xray” video further down should be educational for any and all medics or corpsmen.

Lastly, there are a few links sprinkled in on this post that highlight products that I use for my patients, or have used in the past with success. There is a link to a cheaper version of the “Game Ready” ice compression machine, sold on Amazon. I’ve purchased this much cheaper alternative in the past, and it works. Patients love it. Additionally, I’ve linked to the ankle brace on Amazon.com that I give out to students – I call it the “Cadillac ankle brace” because it completely stabilizes the ankle and helps Soldiers continue on once we determine the injury is just a sprain. Soldiers can wear it under their boots or with their running shoe. I’m sharing the things that have worked for us.

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This video by Dr. Resty, DPT, will cover the following:

  • Ankle Exam
  • Knee Exam
  • When to get an X-ray for an Ankle Injury
  • When to get an X-ray for a Knee Injury
  • IT band Syndrome
Dr. Anne Resty, DPT



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Extra Credit for Next Level Medics

Link to “Ankle Sprain” Outline created by Orthopaedic Residents on “OrthoBullets” website. Gives Anatomy, Diagnosis criteria, Imaging, Surgical options, and Rehab Timelines.

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