ADTMC- Upper Respiratory Infections

When conducting sick call using Algorithm Directed Troop Medical Care (ADTMC), it is important to have an understanding of upper respiratory infections (URIs). These are very common complaints for day-to-day sick call. Additionally, URI knowledge is an essential task in the ADTMC competency checklist. This lesson will be more lengthy due to the complicated nature of the topic. I recommend breaking it up and completing the review in stages. Additionally, I recommend returning to this topic often for review because there is so much info.

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Videos to Break it all Down

The videos above describe the URI types and sources. Most often these illnesses are caused by viruses. However, in military populations who sleep close to each other in open bays for prolonged times, we can often see a higher prevalence of atypical pathogens (mycoplasma) that require antibiotics (Z-pack often helps). Therefore, in my experience, it is probably more appropriate to be more liberal with prescribing antibiotics in military training populations.

Click here to review Acute Otitis Media.


Extra Credit- Complications seen in URIs

Peritonsillar abscesses can be seen in military age patients. Several of these present each year within basic trainees. The drainage of such abscesses is typically performed by either an ER physician or a ENT physician. Medics should not attempt to drain these, especially without training for a multitude of reasons (including the carotid artery in the area). Retropharyngeal abscesses (second video) are less likely in occurrence. There are more complications than just these two, but I felt these are two worth reviewing.

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