Algorithm Directed Troop Medical Care

Teaching and Preparing Medics and Corpsmen for the COVID-19 Response

The New Algorithm Directed Troop Medical Care (ADTMC) algorithm was just released late last year. Lots of great improvements, and long overdue!  Below, I have posted the new “provider levels” and triage categories.  This is the new standard. Familiarize yourself with it. We will refer to these categories when we go through algorithms for various situations. This ADTMC release is very robust.  Lots of good material.


Provider Categories for ADTMC.PNG

Provider Categories for ADTMC 2.PNG

The requirement for an “Advanced Enlisted Medic” is fairly robust.  Requires lots of training, and time.  I suppose this is good. Overall, I believe that these categories are less confusing than the previous version.  And the manual lays out ways in which medics can become certified to practice at each level.

I plan to implement this in our Battalion Aid Station.  If Medics are needed in the COVID-19 response, I would also implement it for “doc” to be able to sufficiently take care of the troops independently.

Refresh on SOAP Notes here.


More Content on ADTMC Coming in the Next Few Days

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