ADTMC- Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions can be complex and range on a scale of severity. The 68W Medic must know how to sort out life threatening emergencies from less severe reactions. The ADTMC protocol can help with this. A screenshot of the ADTMC protocol is at the bottom of the post. The goals of this post will beContinue reading “ADTMC- Allergic Reactions”


This post wasn’t an expected one for me. However, there have been a few hypothermia cases recently that motivated me to dig into this topic. This post will be a little more wordy, unfortunately. I admit that I completely nerded out on the reading and podcasts. But, I needed to find the most up-to-date infoContinue reading “ACCIDENTAL HYPOTHERMIA”

Heat Injuries (Final Thoughts for Now)

This will be my last post on this important topic until the next annual MCOE Heat Forum. I get concerned about training each summer and the absence of knowledge and unit preparedness with regard to heat casualty prevention. Kids die each year on active duty training posts, but what about National Guard units that conductContinue reading “Heat Injuries (Final Thoughts for Now)”

Heat Injuries (Continued)

As promised, this post will include several additional sources of information. One presentation is from Dr. Max Bursey from a previous Heat Conference. Use these slides to reference the latest proposed definitions and solutions. This one may be helpful to use for your hot weather training as it was originally designed for a large audienceContinue reading “Heat Injuries (Continued)”

Heat Injuries

We have to agree on the definition before we can discuss treatment. Many different definitions and opinions exist out there. Fort Benning has taken the lead on research and committees to help shape these opinions. It happens all the time. You go to the field and a dude passes out. No one knows what toContinue reading “Heat Injuries”