Favorite Websites

In this area, I am assembling a list of my favorite or most frequented websites

Websites You Need

Army Pubs
The place for any leader in the Army to find all Army policies and regulations

The place to go for PHAs, Profiles, and MEDPROS (must be on gov’t network)

Deployed Medicine
Find info on TCCC, videos, etc. A great site to explore for educational material for yourself as well as others in your unit.

Websites You Want

One of my favorite references. Any medic can get free access by logging in and registering on a MEDCOM network at a MTF. They have an app also once you register

Epocrates Online
My second favorite reference. I mostly use the app. Great for looking up medications and dosages. I use the free version.

North American Rescue
A great website that offers lots of medical supplies for your unit to purchase

Designed by Orthopaedic residents, this is the absolute best reference for orthopedics. When I worked in Ortho Trauma, I visited this site weekly, at least.

Family Practice Notebook
Used a lot by Family Practice residents while in training- that’s how I originally heard of this site. Great for learning and referencing about a wide range of conditions

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