Regulations and Policies

I’ve consolidated the Army regulations you may find useful as a Medic

Medical Standards for Enlistment, Retention, School Attendance, and Deployment to CENTCOM

AR 40-501
Standards of Military Fitness

Health Standards for enlistment, retention, and attendance to schools

AR 40-502
Medical Readiness

Useful for Health Readiness info and PHA info

DA PAM 40-502
Medical Readiness Procedures

Helpful to know the details of labs to order, and the nitty-gritty details for profiles and exams

DoDi 6130.03
Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, and Induction into Military Services

Use as the accession standards that Ch.2 now refers to in AR 40-501. This represents the one standard for entry across DOD

Ranger School Physical Screening Matrix

A checklist created by the ANRG Warrior Training Center for screening Ranger Physicals for completion

Physical Exam Matrix

A matrix to aid in the labs and tests required for any Army Physical

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Army Correspondence
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