Proning in ARDS

Preparing Medics to Care for COVID19 Patients

Army Medics should be thinking about large scale operations supporting tent-like hospitals. This would not be the typical CSH layout. And it wouldn’t involve most of those reservists that are already working in civilian hospitals. Medics who aren’t already supporting the local infrastructure will be the ones needed to assist. This is the scenario for which we should prepare, even if it never materializes.

I’ve been reaching out to ICU nurses over the last couple days asking about ways that Medics could be called to assist if help is scarce. I’ll be sharing topics that Medics should brush up on or learn. Should your nation call upon you for help, you can be a little more prepared!

One of the topics you may have heard talked about a lot in this fight against COVID-19 is the idea of “Proning.” Watch this video to see how you may be able to assist with proning a patient in the ICU to assist with ARDS.

SKIP TO 3:50 on the Video to see only the DEMO


I recommend checking out UpToDate.Com. I have been reading their content for 12 years now. Great source of info for providers and medical professionals of all types. The US Army gives us this content for free, and lots of hospital organizations pay for it as well. They are offering COVID-19 info for free right now. If you want to share some good info on the COVID-19 situation with your friends that is presented in a manner they can understand, then click here.

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