COVID-19 for Medics

What do you need to know if you are asked to help the Nation care for these patients?

I can envision a scenario in which US Army Medics, Flight Medics and PJs, Air Force Medical Technicians, and Hospital Corpsmen from all components are placed into field hospitals to help the Nation care for critical patients. One only needs to look at Italy to see how it is “all hands on deck.” Even if it never gets bad enough here, reading up on all of these topics is certainly worthwhile.


  • Army Medics, Technicians, and Corpsmen – assisting in the E.R., assisting inpatient, assisting in the ICU, assisting in patient triage, performing patient evacuation, assisting with patient transport, performing nasal swabs to test for COVID-19, and completely running sick call.
  • Flight Medics, SF/SOCOM medics, and PJs – Assisting in critical care/ ICU, as well as patient transfer to higher level of care

As I write this, I am also studying to prepare myself. Teaching is a great way to learn, and to cement ideas.

I believe that we need to focus on several topics. We need to re-educate medics on using ventilators. We need to help them familiarize themselves with vents to be able to assist in the care of these patients. We need to educate and/or re-educate on the science/physiology behind respiration/ventilation. We need to review the proper PPE procedures. We need to enable Medics to do other skills also in order to free up providers to handle the most critical patients.

I hope to post relevant info as the situation evolves, and as time allows in order to assist medics. I encourage medics to imagine where they can be helpful, and to learn and study on those topics now. I’ve posted a few links at the bottom of the page to some previous posts that have a TON of helpful short videos. You will find videos on patient assessment, respiration, triage, and others. If I were a senior medic, I would be assigning medics to watch a few videos a day to refresh NOW. Better to prepare and not be needed than to be caught off guard and unprepared.



Medics may be required to assist with performing swabs of patients suspected of having SARS-COV2 (COVID-19). Use this video below to know how to perform the swab to standard.


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Respiratory System – Knowledge and Skills Videos, Podcasts, and Lung Sounds Refresher

Triage Skills, Patient Assessments, and Other Videos

Medical Assessment and Treatment Skills Videos

IV Access and Medication Administration Skills Videos

SOAP Notes (How to think when assessing a patient)

All content is intended to be educational only. Medics should operate under the supervision of a medical provider and abide by all local laws while stateside. Medics should only practice at the level credentialed, and only at the level allowed. This content is not intended to treat or give a substitution for any credentialed provider. Content is intended to aid in a deployed prolonged care setting. Take guidance from your leaders. Utilize these posts as preparation and as a supplement to your provider’s direction and teaching.

This content is the author’s opinion alone and does not necessarily reflect the opinion, official position, or stance of the Department of Defense, or any other branch of the United States Military.

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An Army PA seeking to share knowledge and skills to medics in order to better prepare them for the next fight, and to bridge the gap between future expectations and initial entry training. These posts are samples of similar training I share with my own medics, and are made available here to a wider audience. I am no expert. There are others more qualified, I'm sure. I am simply looking to contribute. Feel free to provide feedback and leave comments to help others.

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