Minor Nagging Knee Issues

The purpose of this post is to give stretches and other rehab exercises to address minor or chronic knee injury issues that did not result from trauma. My primary audience would be those who are deployed to austere environments whom are looking for ways to rehab their guys while awaiting a good time to see a provider or physical therapist. The secondary audience would be for those Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, or Airmen who have been diagnosed, but are unsure/forgot the exercises they need to perform.

As a disclaimer, knee issues can be more difficult to diagnose, and to treat. Any injury with trauma should be evaluated. Moreover, pain that occurs suddenly while in exercise should be evaluated. This post is not to address sudden or traumatic issues. I certainly am not pushing anyone to avoid a provider or a physical therapist.

Instead, use these stretches to “stay in the fight” or to start rehab until you can see a provider or therapist. There will be a download button also at the bottom to keep these for yourself. These documents were passed to me from a physical therapist, and obviously originated at Evans Army Community Hospital at Fort Carson.



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All content is intended to be educational only. Medics should operate under the supervision of a medical provider and abide by all local laws while stateside. Medics should only practice at the level credentialed, and only at the level allowed. This content is not intended to treat or give a substitution for any credentialed provider. Content is intended to aid in a deployed prolonged care setting. Take guidance from your leaders. Utilize these posts as preparation and as a supplement to your provider’s direction and teaching.

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